Thank you so much for your prompt response (as promised), and especially your most insightful comments. f you were a carpenter, I would say you hit the nail right on the head.Stuart DiMartini
Dave, thanks for these very helpful and right on the money comments.Jay Lombard
Thank you very much for the wonderfully inspiring notes on my script ‘Trash,’ and for your kind comments…It really is a blessing to have a sounding board in the writer’s journey.Desiree Lim
David…I will have to admit you have helped me more than words can describe and I thank you for that…Andrew Blake
I found your appraisal to be very helpful, logical and comprehensive…Thanks again for spending the time to point me in the right directionGraham B.
…I just felt I had to write to you, and tell you thanks from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and my script. I really believe with your expertise, and my whole hearted feeling and determination, we can make this a real thing.Barbara Fisher
You are a genius! We loved the ScriptCoach Special. Unbelievable turnaround time—with the objective, in-depth analysis we were looking for. Thank you!George Sanders
Thank you so much for the insightful and detailed notes, along with the quick turn-around in which you sent them. Wow, that was quick! Your critique was very helpful (and painless)…William Keaton
Thank you for the tweak on my query. Right (write) on, man!…A couple less words in the logline and it’s golden. Thanks for liking it; your praise is like getting an ‘A’ from the professor…Matt Schliesman
Many thanks for your very useful notes. For being positive and for clearly highlighting the weaknesses. Warning: I’ll be back!Michael F.
I just had to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the feedback given on ‘Blazer Boy’…Those suggestions were awesome and have really given it new flavor. I’m not sure when the next draft will be ready because I’m taking it day by day. But when it is, hopefully this isn’t a onceshot deal because I’d like to come back again.Michael B.
Thanks so much. This makes all of the difference. Your talents are many — in addition to everything else, you have a knack for this.Stacey Collins
Wow, that was quick and superb. Thank you!Dean Wells
Your script coverage report was wonderful and I am working on incorporating all of your suggestions. Your comments made me feel far more confident in my writing skills.Jerry Holmes
Wow! Thanks, David! That was fast…I, like most writers, hate trying to write a synopsis for something I’ve written and very much appreciate having someone else do it for me. So thanks for taking one headache away!Jeremy Bell
Thanks so much for the prompt attention and for your thoughtful coverage. This will be extremely helpful for the next draft.Janet Zibell
Thank you so much for your insightful comments! I really appreciate you help. I will read it more carefully over the next few days, let it sink in, and then, believe me, I will do the work! Thanks again so much.Deb Stenard
Thank you for the critique. Two observations. One, you really know this business. Two, you don’t charge enough for this service. I am in the process of making all of the suggested changes…All of the suggestions are dead-on.Bob Huffman
“Your feedback was fantastic…Michael Kuzenka
WOW! Great notes…Your story ideas, plot twists, character mods and overall tone ideas are inspirational to me…Jeff Gallea
Thanks so much for your very constructive notes…I found your comments absolutely on target…Kenny Mann
David Kohner Zuckerman is like an expert mechanic. When the engine of my script is making a clunky noise that I can’t identify, he finds the problem and helps me fix it.Stevie Long("Starsky & Hutch")
David, I can’t thank you enough for providing me both with the opportunity to hear your perspective on my story and for the notes you provided. They are invaluable… I feel I’m now armed with what I need for re-writes and pitching. Your service has in all ways been excellent. It makes submitting my script to a reader like going into a test already knowing the questions — and answers!Kathleen Cromie
…I will definitely be back for more of your script coach services. I haven’t found anyone else who is as good at this as you are. I have a couple of instructors/script coaches that are great, but I must say…you are the best!Linda Larson
Thanks for the very thoughtful notes! You raise several compelling points and I will be diving right into a rewrite to address them…Guy Winch
…I greatly appreciate your comments. I believe you were right on with the shortcomings and I believe I can make the script significantly better thanks to your input. Thanks very much for your help.Michael D.
David Zuckerman grabs a’hold of a screenplay like a wolverine and won’t let go until it’s produced. That’s why it would be to your advantage to grab a’hold of David Zuckerman.Billy Field("Caught in the Act")
Last night I read my original draft. Then I read what we have worked on. WOW! Even if this thing never sells, this has been the best investment to at least take my writing to a new level. I’m enjoying writing more than ever.Jeff Qualle
Thank you for awesome, very clear and thoughtful notes… When the student is ready the teacher appears…and here you are.Richard Oshen
…I have used twelve Analysts in the past from ‘voted no.1 in the US’ too Script Pimp… and I have to say your approach is astounding and you know exactly what we want and where we hope to be from A-Z. I can say for sure that we will be working closely together until this script is on celluloid…finally an analyst who possesses manners and respect his mother would be proud of…Anthony Furlong
What struck me the most about your presentation last Fall was your ‘bedside manner.’ A lot of presenters seemed to have the expertise, but you had that extra ‘I’ll treat your baby with TLC and your with respect’ manner–a nice touch in cold, hard Hollywood.Randy Crew
Thank you, your notes were a great help!Adam Weissman
…I wish I had gone to you four months ago. I think you now understand why I couldn’t just use any L.A. script analyst for this screenplay.David Weinberg
Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate all of your input, as well as the fast turnaround time. I have had time to digest the notes and feel ready to begin another draft with some of your great suggestions. Again I thank you very much and look forward to possibly working with you again.Christopher B.
Thank you, David, for your insights and suggestions!Sean Foy
I wanted to let you know 3 months ago my Agent sent Donners’ Film Company a Query letter with my pitch for my crime thriller, ‘Twisted Agendas.’ And, we got the call Wednesday! It looks like they are interested in buying the spec script! I wanted to thank you for your script coverage and the coaching you did for me. It really made a difference in the storyline, etc…Linda Larson
Thank you, David, for the excellent analysis. Inspired to rewrite. Can’t tell you how grateful I am…Penelope Swan

David Kohner Zuckerman is:

  • A working producer.
  • A licensed psychotherapist.
  • A published author.
  • A friendly, fun, and casual script consultant.

I’s not whether you need a script coach. It’s “who to choose.” David is the best choice.

David has worked with top Hollywood organizations including:



The number screenwriting mistake is sending out your script before it’s ready. Doing this can burn bridges, and hamper your ability to make much needed connections. To avoid this pitfall, it’s essential you receive objective notes on your project.

There are many script doctors out there, but what makes ScriptCoach’s David Kohner Zuckerman unique is that he’s a working Hollywood Producer who knows the Biz inside & out. Some of his major credits include “The Fourth Noble Truth, “Strictly Sexual,” “Crocodile Dundee in L.A,” “All I Want for Christmas,” “Caught in the Act” & “Chump Change.” A member of the Producers Guild, David also owns the very popular Virtual Pitch Fest – plus he’s a licensed psychotherapist.

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